One month later - Tangere.Net v0.1

by Admin 20. October 2011 06:36
Just one month after the definition of the project goals a first version of Tangere.Net was just finished.
Version 0.1 already includes  these features: One App for both phones and tablets – SmartPresenter, SplitView on tablets, Add to home screen, Automatic address bar hiding, Header/footer size adjusted in landscape mode.
A sample email App can be accessed at and this blog can be viewed with a blog viewer app at
The apps are currently only working on WebKit/Safari browsers. So an iPhone or iPad or a Safari browser on Windows is required to access the samples.
Tangere.Net is based on knockout.js - so the app logic is defined in a JavaScript ViewModel and comepletely seperated from the presentation.
So from our initial to do list we can already remove most items:
  1. Pure HTML5/Javascript5. No need to deal with browser cruft (IE6, etc.) and dated devices.
  2. Apps should be usable on different sized screens (e.g. iPhone/iPad) with minimal device specific code/logic.
  3. Clear separation between backend logic, frontend logic and user interface. The backend provides just JSON data, the frontend controls the application flow and the user interface.
  4. The Apps are real applications and not public, mobile web sites. So SEO tactics can be completely ignored. This allows to build high performance, single page applications .
  5. The user interface should be easily customizable/brandable. A designer with just HTML/CSS knowledge should be able to change e.g. the color schema or the order of buttons.
  6. The Apps should be modular e.g. allowing to add customer specific modules or features.
  7. The Apps should be easily upgradable without breaking customizations.
  8. Unlike traditional web applications WebApps don’t need to be stateless any longer. Local storage allows to maintain local state information.
  9. The WebApps should have a default look & feel quite similar to native Apps.
  10. The Apps should be addable to the iOS home screen.
  11. The Apps need to support the limited iOS multitasking WebApp capabilities (avoid unwanted complete restarts).
But we added already a lot of items to our to do list for the next version:
  1. Add more predefined styles for lists, buttons etc.
  2. Add support for Android and Blackberry devices
  3. Add support for IE10/Win8
  4. Add permission and membership provider support