by Admin 23. October 2011 01:53

The App.json file allows to configure an application. All configuration settings are optional.

        title: "Blog Viewer - Tangere.Net",
        theme: "boston",
        debug: true,
        layoutMode: "split",
        layoutMainMinWidth: 700,
        chrome = true,
        authentication = false,
        authenticationServer = "",
        loginApp = "",
        add2home = true,
        config: {  url : "" }

Title: the title for the application. Only visible in desktop browsers.

theme: allows to assign a fixed theme to the application. If no theme is provided the theme "cupertino" is used on iOS devices and the theme "boston" is used on all other device types.

debug: false|true, when set to true .js files are not compressed and diagnostic information is show in the debug console.

layoutMode: single|split, the split mode allows to show two panels side by side on tablets.

layoutMainMinWidth: in split layoutMode the side panel is automatically hidden if the display width is not sufficient to show the side panel (width 320px) and the main panel side by side. On an iPad with a 1024x768 resolution and the default layoutMainMinWidth = 720 the side panel will be hidden in portrait mode.

chrome: true|false, the App chrome consists of a title bar on top of the App as well as a toolbar at the bottom of the App. When set to false no chrome will be added to the App.

add2home: true|false, allows to disable the Add To Home tip on iOS devices

config: allows to pass arbitrary configuration settings to the App. These settings can be retrieved with the $App.config object (e.g. $App.config.url)