HOWTO: Build your first Tangere App

by admin 17. February 2012 20:54

Starting with Version 0.3 Tangere Apps can now also be Orchard Modules. In the following you’ll find all required steps to build your own Tangere App Orchard Module.

1. Generate a new module in Orchard

Use the following Orchard code generation command to add new Tangere.Hello module to your solution:

orchard> codegen module Tangere.Hello /IncludeInSolution:true 
Creating module Tangere.Hello Module 
Tangere.Hello created successfully

(see  Command line scaffolding and  Writing a content part for an introduction into code generation)


2. Modify Module Manifest

Add a dependency on the Tangere.App module in the module manifest file Module.txt:

Dependencies: Tangere.App

3. Add the App folder

Add an App folder with the following files:



4. Enable App

Before the new can be executed the first time the Tangere.App module needs to be installed and the  Tangere.Hello module needs to be enabled in Dashboard –> Modules:


5. Test your App

The default App Url is http://<orchard url>/App/<app name> so the full App Url is e.g.




The finished App can also be downloaded from the Orchard Gallery.